Marine projects

Hadera disalination plant – repair of intake pipeline

The Project

General description

Replace of damaged HDPE Intake pipeline

ADYR Construction were responsible for Project Management, Design Coordination, underwater inspection and Quality Assurance of all related works which includes, among other elements, the following items:

Stage 1:

  • Local Dredging using airlift and/or pumping around and below the damaged below the bottom of the damaged pipeline to allow repair works.
  • Preparation of a 12 meters spool pipeline including special Hy-joint Flanged Adapter.
  • Fabrication and painting of steel connectors FE360 or supply of NOVA SIRIA industrial connectors.
  • Dismantling of existing concrete saddle.
  • Cutting 12 meters and dismantling of the damaged segment.
  • Laying of the new pipe segment including the joints and the fastening joints.


Stage 2:

  • The original intake pipeline was damaged as a result of air penetrating through the intake tower. The penetrating air caused the pipe’s buoyancy and thereafter, local buckling which significantly reduced the pipe’s diameter. After repairing the defective part, it was decided to take several preventative actions. In fact, in the area where the damage was discovered, local protection against buoyancy and scouring was carried out. The protection was carried out using stone fragments and concrete mattresses. The work included the following:
    • The supply of bales made of polyester geotextile of different sizes, filled with 20-50kg stone and installation on the seabed on either side of 3 pipes (2 Intake and 1 outlet).
    • The supply and installation of concrete mattresses, 30 cm thick.