As the complexity of projects increase, so does the need to involve a larger number of participants in the construction process. With increased participation, the dissemination of critical status information needed to control the success of the project becomes complicated. The solution is to use the right tool. These reporting tools serve many purposes and provide the Owner with a current indication of project status and forecasted completion.

ADYR Construction company understands the delicate balance between the project schedule, project budget and quality of the finished product, each of which are important depending on the Owner’s goals and objectives. Our experienced staff are proficient with the latest technology and various software platforms. We have developed training programs and implemented Project Control systems for our clients. Services we provide include:

Cost and Budget Control

Project Cost Control ensures proper monitoring of the construction budget in a constantly changing environment for the Client and/or Project Manager. ADYR provides cost control services which are conducted on site during the construction stage and include estimating during design phase, assistant in tendering process, quantity survey and monthly bill approval, change order management and performance monitoring according to budget. We also compare scenarios and evaluate qualifications of new designs at the existing construction site.

ADYR uses a unique software that allows tracking of project performance vs. plan from a budgetary point of view, the software is a wed based software that was developed from experience gained over the years and it allows all project entities to receive online information.

Schedule Control / Planning

We Specialize in Construction and CPM (Critical Path Method) Scheduling. We are proficient with a wide range of software and among others we use Primavera, Tilos and Microsoft Project.

ADYR will precisely handle all client construction scheduling needs in a time effective manner. Our consultants will help plan out the client project through its life cycle to fit the plan and foresee critical issues before occurrence.

It is important to choose a reliable company that offers cost effective and advanced solutions to work for your project. ADYR employs experience staff to make planning a useful tool in project management.

Quality Assurance

ADYR is committed to integrating quality into all design efforts and ensuring that construction is performed in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. We have established an integrated Quality Assurance Program to monitor and provide approved methodology and reliability. This QA program sets prescribed standards of performance for design, construction, sampling, and analysis, as well as for site-specific project plans required by the different clients.

Our QA program provides for the following:

  • Laboratory management procedure
  • Documentation control/procedures
  • CAD standard handbook
  • Inspection Test Plan (ITP)
  • Material approval procedure
  • Corrective action management programs
  • Establishment of minimum requirements for staff assignments
  • Equipment calibration procedures and acceptance criteria
  • Personnel training
  • Quality review audit and oversight functions for all aspects of the project, including field investigations and project management
  • Review of all drawings plans and specifications
  • Sample custody and documentation
  • Sampling and analytical procedures
  • Technical review of all project reports, recommendations and related documents
  • Take Over package check and approval

To ensure consistent compliance with the customer’s project specifications and quality requirements, ADYR Construction draws on standardised methods and processes established in its PME (Project Management Excellence) standards, an ISO 9001-2015-certified quality management system, an  OHSAS 18001:2007-certified safety management system and an ISO 14001:2015-certified environmental management system.