Marine projects

Offshore Intake and Outfall System for Desaliniation Plant with 200 million cubic meter capacity

The Project

General description:

During the bidding phase (2018-2020): Assist with bid preparation, bathymetric survey, technical support, budget estimates, investigating alternative solutions, negotiations with potential contractors.

During the execution phase (2021-2023, ongoing): Assist with obtaining Environmental Permit, Project Management, Site Supervision of the Marine Works, in particular: Contract Negotiations Coordination between Tunneling Contractor, Marine Works Contractor and Client Supervision of Dredging Works, TBM Recovery, Intake Structures, Diffuser.


Description of the work:

Micro tunneling of two (2) offshore raw seawater concrete intake pipes with OD = 3.2 m. Length of each pipe 1.3 km measured from vertical shaft on the beach until Intake Structure at -14 m water depth.

Micro-tunneling of one (1) brine concrete outfall pipe with OD = 3.2 m. Length of brine pipe 2.0 km measured from vertical shaft on the beach until Diffuser at -20 m depth.

The Marine Works included: Dredging Reception Pits for Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM), TBM Recovery, Lifting of TBM by floating crane and return TBM to the shore, Supply and installation of two (2) Intake Structures, Installation of Diffuser, including diving works, bathymetric surveys and turbidity monitoring.