Marine projects

Development of Infrastructure – Rear Outskirts of Ashdod Port

The Project

Preparation of 260 acres of plots for renting to entrepreneurs.

Development of road system and infrastructures connecting the defined area to National Road 41 by bridge.

  • Development of 5 roads in total lengths of 1725 meters.
  • Development of 6 roads in total lengths of 3485 meters.
  • Bridge over rails.
  • Protecting high voltage poles by sheet piles and concrete walls.
  • Miscellaneous works.

The road system include paved asphalt pavement, full drainage system, sewerage and water lines, lighting, electrical infrastructure, telephone/communication/data cables, gardening & irrigation.
Budget: 70M NIS.

Dolphin Project – Platform 23
Erection of a Dolphin Mooring system adjacent to Quay 23 for large ships Mooring. Construction of a pedestrian bridge between Quay 24 and the Dolphin & adding a gate house on Quay 24.
Budget: 4M NIS.

Water Tank and Pumping Station
Construction of a 27 meter diameter concrete cistern of capacity 3,000 cubic meter with a pressure boosting pumping station. The main use for daily consumption and firefighting.
The works included civil works, Electro-mechanical, and electrical and control works required for the construction and operation of the water cistern and pumping station.
Budget: 7.5M NIS.

Railway Terminal and Sorting Station
Construction of rail terminal for container storage including a rail, switchyard and sorting station.
This facility is constructed in cooperation with the Israeli Rail Company and the Israel Ports Authority for the purpose of cargo service to the Ashdod Yovel port, the North Marshalling Yard and section that connects between them.
Part 1: section A – construction of operational station at the train terminal including buildings (operational building, transformer room, workshop, 4 gate houses).
Part 2: section C – construction of the railway connecting between the operational station and the sorting station.
Part 3: section B – construction of the sorting station at the port outskirt (North Marshalling Yard) including the control building.
Budget: 100M NIS.