Marine projects

Netanya Breakwaters

The Project

General Description

The work includes the construction of six detachable breakwaters along the coast between Argaman Beach and Sironit Beach. Five breakwaters 120 meters long each and another breakwater 200 meters long.

Description of work

  • Construction of an access road for trucks to transport stone for brakwater building from the parking lot of argaman Beach and along the coast to Sironit Beach.
  • Dike construction for each breakwater up to the center of the breakwater.
  • Excavation – about 20,000 cubic meters
  • Placing core stone 0.5-500 kg, a total of 85,000 tons
  • Placing filter stone 0.5-1.5 tons, a total of 57,000 tons
  • Placing armor stone 3-6 tons, a total of 122,000 tons

All work is performed using heavy mechanical equipments with GPS positioning systems.