Marine projects

Hamifraz Port Terminal

The Project

General Description

The works include the construction of a 820 000 square meters container terminal that will be operated by private concessionaire.

Description of work

  • Currently, the Basic and Detail design was completed (Including physical and numerical models and soil investigation).
  • Breakwater construction in different types (Rock, Rock+”Antiframe” caissons) of length 2990 Meters.
  • 65 meter wide piers of 2106 meters total length. The main pier (No’ 6) situated at a water depth of 17.3m is intended for Maersk Lines EEE class ships of TEU Capacity of 18,000 tons. The work includes infrastructure and final pier development.
  • Land reclamation of 10.1 million cubic meters.
  • Sea bed excavation of 15.5 million cubic meters (Clay soil in different types, gravel and sand for backfill).