Marine projects

Hadarom Port Terminal

The Project

Management and coordination for the design and construction of a new container terminal in Ashdod that will include:

  • 3 loading platforms in total length of 2120 meters (1240 meters are for the containers).
  • 600 meters Main breakwater.
  • 1500 meters secondary breakwater.
  • Dredging, filling and compaction of 7.22 million cubic meters.
  • Total area terminal is 630 000 square meters.

Construction of a working port that will be used for the winning contractor to build the new terminal.

Primary Quantities:

Supply and laying 6 million Ton of various size rocks , casting and installing 34,000 “Antifer” concrete cubes in weights 15, 40 and 44 tons each (Total Volume of 310,000 cubic meters concrete), casting 100,000 cubic meters of concrete walls and pavements, 80,000 tons of sheet piling (include accessories and anchors) .

The design has includes:

  • Acquiring the Building Permit, detailed design and preparation of tender documents for the working port.
  • Performing numerical, hydraulic and physical models in laboratories for agitation and stability research.
  • Environmental Impact Study.
  • Geological, Geotechnical and Seismic investigations with a 60 Million NIS budget and 10 months duration.
  • Determining the design criteria and the conceptual design.