Marine projects

Hadarom Port Terminal

The Project

General Description

Management and construction of a new container terminal in Ashdod that is intended for Maersk Lines EEE class ships of TEU Capacity of 18,000 tons. The work includes infrastructure and final pier development.

Description of work

  • Dredging work – sea bed excavation of 7.22 million cubic meters
  • Caissons manufacturing – caissons construction and placing them on their final position.
  • Sheet piles driving – 65 meter wide piers of 2120 meters total length.
  • Breakwater construction – building a two rubble mound breakwaters with a total length of 2100 meter. Breakwaters includes different kind of rocks, concrete cubes and crown wall.
  • Bored pile and fascia beam construction
  • Land reclamation, vibrocompaction and ground improvement.