Marine projects

Conveyor for Granular Materials in Ashdod Port

The Project

General Description

ADYR Constructions, manages the Construction of the New Conveyor with capacity of 1,800 t/hour for Granular Materials which will deliver Materials from the Port Ashdod to the Silos located 2.1 km from Quay.

Description of work

  • 2 belt conveyors along 270 m of quay 21 at Ashdod Port from TT1 to TT2
  • 1.8 km of 2 overland conveyors 600 t/hour and 1,200 t/hour from TT2 located Quay 21 at Ashdod Port to TT3 close to Ashdod Silos.
  • Distribution array system consists of 3 belt conveyors (capacity of 600 t/hour each) from TT3 to TT4 and from TT4 to Ashdod Silos, 3 bucket elivators (two of them will replace existing elivators).

Deciplines: civil (320 piles for supporting 72 pillars and 4 Transfer towers + metal constrution for conveyor galeries, transfer towers), mecanical (belt conveyors, overland conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors dust filters, etc…) , electrical and instrumentation and other suporting dicsiplines shch as aircondition, fire detection and fire fighting, compressed air, etc…)