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Pumped Storage Plant

The Project

Pumped Storage is the name for energy that is maintained as potential energy, usually by pumping water from a lower reservoir to a higher reservoir. When energy needed, the water from the higher reservoir is released and the potential energy turns into kinetic energy.

The availability of producing electric energy by different methods (such as: internal\external combustion engines, nuclear fission, Solar arrays, Wind turbines, etc) is often not suitable to the timing when energy is needed.

The Pumped Storage method is considered as green energy that doesn’t cause pollution to the environment. It enables the use of surplus electric energy when not needed and to use it in times when there is a deficit of electricity available.

The Pumped Storage Scheme at the Gilboa is the first Pumped Storage facility that will be built in Israel.

ADYR was involved in the soil investigation, the preliminary design, the tender stage and the construction of the initial part of the access tunnel.