Power Station projects

OPC Rotem

The Project

OPC Rotem is a Power Plant that operates with natural gas in a combined cycle. The Power Plant includes two turbines. A Gas Turbine and a Steam Turbine, both connected to single generator (SINGLE SHAFT). The “combined cycle” technology also improves efficiency and therefore considered to reduce environmental impact.

OPC retained Daewoo International, a subsidiary of Posco of Korea, as EPC to build the plant, and Mitsubushi Heavy Industries to provide long term maintenance services. ADYR Construction are giving Construction Management services (on behalf of OPC Rotem). Fueled by natural gas, the plant will be one of Israel’s most efficient and cleanest large-scale power generation facilities.

The power producing capacity of the power plant is 440MW, a factor that places this power plant amongst the largest power plants in Israel. This power plant has the most efficient high power output for a single gas turbine.