General Civil work projects

Train – Siemens Garage

The Project

Train – Siemens Garage, Haifa

Construction of a train maintenance building, the built up area of 8000 square meters.

Length of main building is 320 meter. Construction of dedicated servicing systems for train maintenance, including servicing pits under the train carriages and external concrete platforms with tracks for servicing the train array.

Budget: 56 MIL NIS


Train, “Kishon” site – Wheels Garage

1,000 square meters of building that dedicated for train bogey wheel renovation.

The project includes fabrication, delivery, and installation of dedicated mechanical equipment for the train garage (carriage lifting units, cranes, rotation platforms round house).

Budget: 9M NIS.


Train, “Kishon” site – phase A

The work includes 900 meters of road paving, 8 acres of asphalt surfaces for train logistics, and laying 8 tracks of 330 meters each.

Budget: 63M NIS.


Train, “Kishon” site – Tracks for Cargo Terminal

The works include infrastructure preparation for lighting, communications systems and laying 2 tracks 800 meters each construction of underground passage under the rails for pedestrian crossing, construction of underground concrete chambers for high voltage cable service belonging to the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

Budget: 4.5M NIS.