The one of the biggest container ship with a volume of 19,224 TEU will dock in Hadarom Port Terminal

Today, the container ship MSC OSCAR, the size of which has not yet been seen in ports in Israel, will dock in Hadarom Port Terminal.
The MSC company recently informed its customers that a giant ship of the company will dock in Hadarom Port Terminal as part of what is known as a “tool trial” in order to test the readiness of the Hadarom Port Terminal to receive and handle a giant ship, as well as to test the readiness of the Israeli market for the operation of a such volume container ship.
So impressive – 19,224 TEU. The giant ship – MSC OSCAR – will arrive at the Hadarom Port Terminal in Ashdod from the Far East with many import containers on it. It is a huge ship with a length of 395 meters – more than four football fields connected together – capable of carrying cargo with a total weight of 197,362 DWT. The total construction cost of the ship reached 140 million dollars.
The container ship, which entered service in 2015 and was the largest container ship in the world that year, has a sailing range of 26,300 miles.