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Finishing of Main Breakwater construction (Haifa Terminal Port Project)

At the 03.11.2018 finally has been completed 882 meters Main Breakwater (Haifa Terminal Port Project).

Started from Juny 2015, it took approximately 2 years to finish all the structure.

Has been placed:

1,100,000 – E type rock (0-1000kg)

290,000 – D type rock (1-3t)

17,440 – C type rock (3-6t)

16,049 – 4 m^3 concrete units

14,551 – 7 m^3 concrete units

1,378 – 12 m^3 concrete units.

We want to say a big thanks to our Contractor “Shaphir-Ashtrom” and to their Sub-contractor “Aras Marine”. Your done a good work and we are proud of our big team.

We sure the Breakwater will do it’s job and people will admit your professionalism!

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